Incident Management Team

Andrea Forte

Andrea Forte, as Director of Operations, is a founding member of CenTex DART. She is a certified ICS Instructor and CERT Instructor. Her training includes All Hazards Incident Commander and Planning Section Chief positions for an IMT-3 team along with shelter management. She is a driving force to provide training in our community. 

Gus Reina

Gus Reina is a founding member of CenTex DART. As a Program Manager and primary CERT Instructor, he is instrumental in guiding the team toward our goal of community outreach and preparedness.  He had been certified as an ICS Instructor along with being trained as All-Hazards Incident Commander and Operations Section Chief.

Jessica Ruggiero

Jessica Ruggiero is a U. S. Army Military Police veteran. Her emphasis within the team is mitigation and preparedness. Jessica holds a BS in Organizational Security & Management and a MS in Emergency and Disaster Management-Logistics. She serves  as Logistics Section Chief and Safety Officer. 

Instructor Team

Carmen Williams

Carmen is prior US Army Military Intelligence with strong background in Terrorism and Disaster Psychology. She in an integral part of our Instructor Team and serves as our Operations Deputy during large incidents.

Leon Johnson

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Theresa Johnson

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